What all can be possible reasons behind your bad luck with trade ?


Every Trader has to experience a good as well as bad phase while trading.And this nature of trading is inevitable.Market fluctuations are highly unpredictable and therefore under different market conditions a trader will have a different experience. Although market experts suggested Commodity Tips and other trading tips helps a lot to play well in stock market.Not always market conditions are responsible behind bad trade or losses which you earn. Several other factors like your trading strategy is also sometimes responsible for it.

Possible ways to evaluate self trading performance are discussed below :

1)Is there any guidelines or set of predefined rules which a trader is following while trading ?

If a trader is not able to earn required returns for himself or constantly earning loss then market conditions may be one reason for it. He might not be having a proper understanding about the trading strategy which he is following or does not have detailed plan about what to do under such market conditions.

Traders must always evaluate the strategy they are going to use. Suggestions from financial consultants can also be gained.

2)Traders is trading along the trend market is following or against it ?

Market never follow the same trend always. At different point of times trend it is following will also be different. Now it is duty of a trader to keep a good track records of its trends and understand which trend is important and a note on it must be made . However it is really difficult to decide to trade along with which market trend. At such situations traders can go for market experts for their suggestions on stock tips and others to trade with more efficiency.

If a traders is following optimum trend and then also not able to earn good returns then he must see whether the rules associated with strategy are in-line with market conditions or not.

3)The stock in which you are trading will perform the way you are expecting it using your trading strategy or not ?

Market is of highly volatile nature. And it can not be controlled by anyone . Therefore a trader must understand that a plan which they are making may be best suited under one market condition but not for another.They should carefully evaluate the market conditions before trading always.A wise strategy applied under wrong market conditions is very dangerous.

Traders must consider trading tips with accurate entry , exist level and stop loss to earn good returns . Preforming according to current market needs is always beneficial.

If you are earning loss then it is not only you who earns loss. Every trader has to go through this phase and traders must understand this fact.Your bad performance in stock market can be the result of false market conditions, improper trading strategy, high expectations from stock’s performance, unrealistic assumptions about market etc. A trader should always scrutinize their trading strategy. By doing doing so they can understand the possible impacts of using it and what measures can be adopted to make it work in your favor.For better performance they can take help from financial service providers as well. An extra cost paid for Trading Tips  and other are going to help you to minimize your losses from the market.

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